How it Works

Acupuncture is a category of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine that involves using very fine needles or injections in very specific anatomical points that stimulate energy, or Qi to flow properly and to regulate blood flow distribution. The basis of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) is balance, and acupuncture, herbal & food therapy is used to restore proper balance in the body.

TCVM treatment is different from traditional, or western medicine, in that TCVM looks for a root cause of a problem, rather than addressing symptoms. A patient has a particular personality that will predispose him to certain illnesses, may exhibit excess or deficiency, may be too warm or too cold, or may have Qi flow issues. Diet also plays a major role in illness and can contribute to an already present imbalance.

For example, western medicine treats all patients with congetive heart disease with similar drug protocols. In TCVM, we would look for a Yang, Yin or Qi imbalance, and address the patient with a more specific herbal protocol, which can be used in addition to medications.

Dr. Derfuss practices integrative medicine which means that she will incorporate Western and TCVM treatment methods to best address your pet's medical needs.